The witch is a character that appears in Stardew Valley. Rarely, the witch will fly over the player's farm and cast magic on a few buildings. If she casts a spell over the chicken coop one of the available eggs will be turned into a Void Egg. If she casts a spell while over the slime hutch, the slimes inside may turn into a black color, producing an abundance of coal when killed.

She may be the ex-wife of Rasmodius the Wizard, who comments that he was married once, but now she flies around the countryside cursing people.

Unconfirmed information and sightings

The following information is unconfirmed and are based on personal player experiences. Please, take this info with a grain of salt.

Unconfirmed information

(Unconfirmed) - Her appearance may be linked to the Rarecrow Witch (2 of 8).

(unconfirmed) - Her second appearance maybe linked to the display of any two identical Rarecrow or to the display of two Rarecrow snowmen.

This can lead to her not appearing on that exact day (confirmed possible date: 20th of fall, 3 days after placing the Rarecrow witch)

(She first appears the night after the first coop upgrade.) (Were any Rarecrows displayed at that time? please confirm)

Unconfirmed sightings

Appeared on the 12th night of winter. 10 days after placing Rarecrow Witch.

The second night of summer of the second year. (+2)

The 20th of fall, 3 days after placing the Rarecrow Witch.

The 27th of fall of the first year, a day after purchasing the Rarecrow Witch during the Spirit's Eve event. (wasn't placed yet)

The Rarecrow Witch placed, went to sleep and the witch apeared and transform all my slimes into void slimes

The 14th of winter of my third year, my second sighting of her. It was 13 days after placing 2 snowmen rarecrows. I placed in the field at the start of winter, two Snowmen Rarecrows and moved one Raccoon Rarecrow, one Mask Rarecrow and a regular scarecrow, that had been up durring summer and fall, the Rarecrow Witch that had been up during the fall was removed to a chest in the house, leading me to believe that particular Rarecrow is not the link. Could the placing of two identical Rarecrows, in this case snowmen, have been the trigger for the second visit? She created another void egg. I had given the first egg away not raised it. Does the raising of a void chicken influence further sightings? My second appearance of the witch did NOT correspond to a coop upgrade, my coop has been deluxe for more than a year. I am sorry I did not notice the timing of my first sighting.

3rd night, summer of 2nd year.

15th winter, 1st year. After reaching 10 hearts with Abigail and witnessing her 10 heart event. No Rarecrow Witch placed nor in inventory and with only one Rarecrow in inventory but non being placed at the moment.

12th of winter, 2nd year.  Four Rarecrows placed, two additional ones in a chest.  Appeared the night after ordering the last coop upgrade.

Night of 21st Spring 2nd Year. First sighting. Had 1 rarecrow at time, the 8 out of 8. Slept on other side of bed (for me the right hand side) for the first time, maybe connected?

3rd of Winter, Year 1. No rarecrows placed or in inventory. Two normal scarecrows on farm, but they've been there since spring and summer. Only other events were several bundles turned in and the second house upgrade, but my first character slot made it through two years, almost all the bundles, every house and coop upgrade, one of each animal, most of the rarecrows, and yet they never had the witch visit. NOTE: Chickens not required for this event. She doesn't turn an egg, she leaves one. This character has 0 farm animals, but I still got an egg after the witch visited.

Unconfirmed time, witch flew over slime hutch and changed all slimes to black slimes. The black slimes appear to drop coal at a significant rate.

3rd of Fall on year 2. Had no chickens in any coop but had previously upgraded them to the Big Coop. Had one Void Egg when I woke up.

20th Summer, year 3. Had chickens, ducks and a rabbit in the coop (that has been upgraded for a while now) She left one void egg. Had 1 rarecrow (the tiki one?) placed near the coop (if that helps)

17th Spring, Year 2. Had 2nd tier coop with 2 chickens, 1 duck. Left one void egg. Several rarecrows placed, but had been placed for a while.

10th Fall, Year 1. 2nd Tier Coop. 5 chickens, 2 Ducks. 0 Rarecrows.

3rd Spring, Year 2. 2nd Tier Coop. 3 Chickens, 2 Ducks, 3 Rarecrows, no doubles. Placed all 3 on 1st of Spring for first use.

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