The Watering Can is a tool in Stardew Valley. It is one of the five tools that the player starts with when starting a new game. With this tool, you can use it to water all of your crops to keep them healthy. It can be refilled at any water source (including the ocean).


You may upgrade the watering can several times via Clint the Blacksmith. The benefits are listed below. On console versions, you must hold down the use key to select how many tiles to water (Copper tier and above).

Watering Can

  • Holds 40 units of water.

Copper Watering Can

  • Watering Can + 5 copper bars + 2,000g to upgrade
  • Holds 50 units of water.
  • Can water three farm tiles in a row.

Steel Watering Can

  • Copper Watering Can + 5 iron bars + 5,000g to upgrade
  • Holds 120 units of water.
  • In addition to copper, this can water total 5 water tiles in a row.

Gold Watering Can

  • Steel Watering Can + 5 gold bars + 10,000g to upgrade
  • Holds 198 units of water.
  • In addition to steel, this can water 3x3 tiles in front of you.

Iridium Watering Can

  • Gold Watering Can + 5 iridium bars + 25,000g to upgrade
  • Holds ?? units of water.
  • In addition to gold, this can water 6x3 tiles in front of you.

Note: You must hold down left click to water more rows.

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