These items are coded to be felt the same way by everyone unless stated otherwise in their coding. Some Items might be listed twice in separate categories because in one it might have been listed as a type and in the other it was listed as the item itself.


Universal Love

Prismatic Shard and Rabbit's Foot.

Universal Like

Emerald, Aquamarine, Ruby, Amethyst, Topaz, Jade, Diamond, Quartz, Fire Quartz, Frozen Tear, Earth Crystal, All Food recipes, Pale Ale, Mayonnaise, Duck Mayonnaise, Honey, Pickles, Jelly, Beer, Wine, Juice, Cheese, Goat Cheese, Cloth, Truffle Oil, All Vegetables and Fruit, All Flowers, Coffee, Maple Syrup.

Universal Neutral

Fried Egg, Bread, Wheat, Hops.

Universal Dislike

All Fish, All Crafting Items, All Minerals, Copper Bar, Iron Bar, Gold Bar, Iridium Bar, Refined Quartz, All ore, Coal, Wood, Stone, Clay, Hardwood, Fiber, Battery Pack, All Fertilizer/Retaining Soil/Speed-Gro, All Fishing bobbers and hooks, All Mob Drops, All Seeds, Cave Carrot, Driftwood, Wheat Flour, Oil, Void Egg, Vinegar, Rice, All Geodes, Oak Resin, Pine Tar.

Universal Hate

Weeds, Joja Cola, All Trash, Red Mushroom, Rotten Plants, All Bait, Magnet, Sap, All Artifacts, Fish, Seaweed, All Algae, Hay, Poppy, Sea Urchin, Bug Meat, Snail, Slime, Oil of Garlic, Strange Bun, Void Mayonnaise


Haley hates Prismatic Shard

Penny hates Rabbit's Foot

Caroline, Jas, Sebastian, and Sam dislike Mayonnaise

Elliot dislikes Limestone and Tiger's Eye

Emily dislikes Pine Tar, Ice Cream, and Sashimi

Evelyn and Kent dislike Sashimi

George dislikes all flowers

Clint dislikes most flowers

Harvey loves Coffee

Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent dislike Jelly

Jas and Vincent hate Coffee, and all Artisan Goods

Jodi dislikes Daffodil

Krobus dislikes all Cooking

Leah dislikes Pancakes and all Gems, except for Diamonds, which are liked

Maru dislikes Maple Syrup and is neutral towards Cranberries and Daffodils

Maru, Shane, and Sam dislike Pickles

Pierre dislikes every gem but Diamond

Sebastian dislikes Pale Ale, Beer, Mead, Omelet, Dandelion, Cheese, Daffodil, and most flowers

Willy dislikes all Cooking aside from dishes with fish in them, except for Sashimi, which he dislikes

Leah hates Bread

Elliot loves Duck Feathers

Sebastian and Krobus love Void Eggs.

Wizard loves Solar Essence and Void Essence.

Clint and Dwarf love Omni Geodes.

Sebastian and Abigail like Quartz

Leah likes Driftwood.

Willy likes many types of fish

Linus likes fish

Robin likes Hardwood.

Krobus loves Void Mayonnaise.

Penny loves Poppies.

LeahMarnieSam, and Shane dislike Seaweed.

Penny dislikes Red Mushrooms.

Wizard dislikes Slime.