Non-fruiting Trees appear in Stardew Valley. Types include Maple, Oak, Pine.

Trees spread quickly, and make good resources for lumber, sap, and seeds of their species. The early farmer should take preventative measures so that, when the time comes to expand-or to be able to move through their fields at all-there aren't walls of trees, because they grow very, very quickly.

  • Embedded seeds can be pulled back up with a hoe, destroyed with a pick. Seeds are only stopped by physical objects like weeds, stones and sticks. Seeds falling from nearby trees will "destroy" a patch of grass to take hold and grow.
  • Sprouts can be cut en masse with a scythe or sword, destroyed individually with a pick, or harvested into a minimal amount of wood with an axe
  • Saplings must be chopped down with an axe, and take fewer swings to break than fully grown trees. In order to grow to a full size, it must have the adjacent 8 blocks cleared.

Presently, tree stumps will continue to spread seeds in their adjacent areas. Whether this is a bug or intentional is unknown, but if one wishes to remove trees completely the stump must be destroyed as well. This leads to an interesting "controlled lumber gathering" technique using stumps to generate more seeds and saplings.

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