Stardew valley train

A train will occasionally show up on the railroad track, north of the spa . You'll get a notification, "A train is passing through Stardew Valley." Resources, such as coal, are dropped at the tracks if you are present when it arrives. If you are standing on the tracks when it passes, you will take damage.

The train can not be boarded and will hurt the player for everytime they bump into it also it will cut off access to the entrance towards the Witch hut.


Date Time
Year 1, Summer 8 1:00pm
Year 1, Fall 13 ~9:00am
Year 1, Winter 2 ~5:00pm
Year 2, Spring 16 1:30pm
Year 2, Summer 5 1:30pm
Year 2, Summer 28 11:00am
Year 2, Fall 2 4:30pm
Year 2, Fall 21 12:50pm
Fall 23 ~3:00pm
  • has not been tested for consistency year to year at this time

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