The Stardew Valley Fair is an event that takes place on Fall 16 between 9 AM and 2 PM in the town square. You can talk to Lewis to begin the grange judging. After judging, unlike most events, you can continue to stay at the fair, but it will end when you leave the town square by going west to your farm, fast-forwarding time to 10pm.


Gus is grilling up a storm near the Community Center with his signature secret sauce. You can consume an unlimited number of Survival Burgers by interacting with the grill, all food compliments of the mayor. The energy and health bonuses still apply, as does the foraging bonus, although it is still counting down in real time even though it is not visible during the event. You can take advantage of this by stopping by for one last bite before you leave.

Minigame Booths

There are several games where you can gain Star Tokens, a currency that can be exchanged for prizes at the shop near the entrance by the farm. Maximum amount of tokens you can have, seems to be 9.999

Name cost Description
Fishing minigame Gold50g Play the fishing minigame to catch fish. Fishing works mostly as per usual, with a basic Bamboo Pole with no energy cost and no treasure chance, but your fishing level will still give you an advantage. Each caught fish gives between 15 to 20 points, based on how fast you catch the fish and what type of fish it is, with higher difficulty fish granting more points. All trash and algae give 1 point. For successfully catching all fish and for each perfect catch (the fish never leaves the green bar), you get extra points at the end.
Slingshot minigame Gold50g Shoot the targets with your slingshot (press the action button for the keyboard/gamepad, or pull in the reverse direction that you want to fire with your mouse cursor). Each target gives different points (red, blue, and purple). At the end you get a point multiplier based on your accuracy.
Smashing Stone At the Smashing Stone you can test your strength by clicking the stone at the right moment when the bar hits the top. for hitting the top you get one Star Token. The bar is stopped when your pickaxe strikes the pad, not when you start swinging. You can also get a star token by hitting the stone when the bar is at the bottom.
Token Seller Gold50g At the Star token Seller you can buy Star Tokens for 50g each.
Clairvoyant booth Gold100g At the Clairvoyance Booth the Fortuneteller will tell you events from the future for 100g once. This information is based on the social status you have with the villagers and your highest ranked skill. She will tell you something about events with the first two people in your social menu.
Spinning Wheel Bet from NoStar1 to ∞ At the Spinning Wheel you can bet any number of your tokens on orange or green. (It appears that the chance for green is far larger than that for orange. This part of game may be broken. )

Star Token Reward Stall

Each item can only be purchased once per event, except for the Stardrop, which only can be purchased at the fair once per game file.

Item Price
Dried Sunflowers Dried Sunflower NoStar100
Fedora Fedora NoStar500
Rarecrow 1 Rarecrow (1/8) NoStar800
Stardrop Stardrop NoStar2,000


During the fair, you have the opportunity to place 9 items in a display case to be judged. Lewis explains before the fair that judgement is made based on the quality and variety of the items, so to maximize your score you should place a variety of items from different categories (such as fish, vegetables, fruit, etc) with gold stars and/or very high value items. First place prize is NoStar1,000, second place is NoStar500, third place is NoStar200, and fourth is just NoStar50.

I've got 100 rating (2nd year) with the following items: Crimson Fish, Octopus, Super Cucumber, Ancient Fruit, Strawberry, Red Cabbage, Beet (all gold star), Goat Cheese and Diamond.

Rating 102 (1st year): Diamond, Hazelnut (gold), Cheese (gold), Amaranth (gold), Gold Bar, Blackberry (gold), Pumpkin (gold), Mayonnaise (gold), Pink Cake.

Rating 106 (2nd year): Diamond, Gold Bar, Super Cucumber (gold), Ancient Fruit (gold), Pumpkin (gold), Large Milk (iridium), Sweet Gem Berry (gold), Cranberries (gold), Fairy Rose Honey.

Judging begins when you confirm with Lewis that you're ready, and when he is done, he will announce when he has finished looking at the displays. After collecting your prize from Lewis, DO NOT FORGET to remove your valuable items from the display case, as they will not automatically be returned if you forget to retrieve them.


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