Stardew Valley is an incredible game but what happens when you play it so much that the game is boring and you know it by heart, you spice it up by doing a challenge or modding the game of course! This page is to track different challenges that people come up with and develop. They can range from fan made, too popular, to Official, etc.

Official Challenges

(Official Challenges are Challenges created by ConcernedApe and very popular challenge categories. Example: Legacy Challenges from Sims franchise)

Popular Challenges

(Popular Challenges are Challenges that most of the Stardew Valley fanbase likes playing and/or are very interesting, fun, challenging, etc.)

Fan Made Challenges

Small/Simple Challenges:

Mining Challenge:

  • Only mine on levels in 5's (ex: lvl 5, 10, 15, 20 etc.)
  • Any precious metals on these levels can be sold
  • When looking for ladders, you can break rocks but any dropped items (geodes, stone, ores) must be dropped
  • Any moster dropped items cannot be taken unless it is a weapon or it is necessary for a crafting item

Real life Challenge:

  • You're required to eat food at least once per day.
  • Harvested crops, or foraged items cannot be eaten.
  • You must buy the food from Gus, or cook it yourself.
  • You must sleep before the clock strikes 10:00.
  • Once your energy bar becomes red. You must go to Harvey and buy muscle remedy.
  • If Harvey's Clinic is close. You're required to sleep.

Large/Complex Challenges:

(Fan Made Challenges are Challenges created by the Stardew Valley fans, so far they range from two categories: Small/Simple to Large/Complex)

(If you want to put up a Small/Simple Challenge, then put it under the Fan Made Challenge category in the Small/Simple Challenges, name it, describe it, and put your name on it. If its a long/complex challenge, then create a page for it and then put the link to the page under the large/complex Fan Made Challenge category, name it and put your name on it.)

The 5th Candle Challenge: Obtain all 21 possible "grandpa" points in one year. Series found here

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