Slimes are the most varied type of monster. There are three different colors of slimes, and each of those has three different levels of slimes.

You need to kill 1,000 of them for Gil's Monster Eradication Goals located at the Adventurer's Guild. The reward for killing 1,000 slimes is the Slime Charmer Ring, which "prevents damage from slimes." This causes them to bounce harmlessly off the player and prevents the "Slimed" status effect. This ring does not protect the player from the giant purple slimes.

Slimes Levels Drops Health
Green Bald 1 - ? Slime, Sap
Green Bobble 1 - ? Slime, Sap
Green Star 1? - ? Rare Item
Blue Bald Slime, Sap
Blue Bobble Slime, Sap
Blue Star (need conf)
Red Bald Slime, Sap
Red Bobble Slime, Sap
Red Star
Purple Bald
Purple Bobble
Purple Star
Brown Near Lake where Sebastian stands About green ones
Grey Player's house
Black Slime Hutch. They were cursed by a witch

The transparent black slime with star may drop magnet ring


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