The Skull Cavern is an area accessible in Stardew Valley. It is located at the northern end of the Calico Desert. To gain access, the player must find the Skull Key, which can be obtained from the lowest level of the Mine. Mr. Qi will reward the player for reaching level 25.

Enemies in this mine are a lot more powerful, and exploration is made more difficult by the fact that, unlike the mine near town, you don't unlock fast-travel points using an elevator. Every time you start, you start from the first floor. Bring lots of healing items if you intend to explore it! There is no end to the Skull Cavern.


Image Name Note / Tip HP Dmg.
Armored Bug Unkillable ∞ / N/A 8
Big Slime Once dead , splits into more slimes . 60 5
Purple Slime None 410 28
Lava Bat None 80 15
Mummy Once dead , revves after a few seconds .

Kill it once down , with any type bombs.

260 +


Serpent Moves fast ! Prepare to block it ! 150 23