Villager Common Loves/Likes
Abigail Amethyst/Beer/Honey/Mayonnaise
Alex Beer/Eggs/Honey
Caroline Daffodil/Beer/Honey/Cheese
Clint Beer/Mayonnaise/Cheese/Parsnip
Demetrius Strawberry/Beer/Mayonnaise/Cheese/Blueberry
Dwarf OmniGeode/Beer/Mayonnaise/Earth Crystal
Elliott Beer/Mayonnaise/Cheese/Parsnip
Emily Daffodil/Beer/Mayonnaise/Cheese/Parsnip
Evelyn Daffodil/Beer/Mayonnaise/Cheese/Parsnip
George Leek/Beer/Mayonnaise/Cheese/Parsnip
Gus Daffodil/Beer/Mayonnaise/Cheese/Parsnip
Haley Daffodil/Beer/Mayonnaise/Cheese
Harvey Beer/Mayonnaise/Honey/Parsnip
Jas Daffodil/Earth Crystal/Frozen Tear/Apple
Jodi Beer/Eggs/Blueberry/Mayonnaise/Cheese/
Kent Roasted Hazelnuts/Beer/Eggs/Mayonnaise/Cheese/Daffodil
Krobus Honey/Beer/Mayonnaise/Frozen Tear/Cheese
Leah Wine/Beer/Daffodil/Eggs/Honey
Lewis Beer/Parsnip/Honey/Cheese
Linus Coconut/CactusFruit/Beer/Egg/Honey/Mayonnaise/Cheese
Marnie Daffodil/Dandelion/Coconut/Coral/Hazelnut
Maru Strawberry/Beer/Mayonnaise/Earth Crystal/Cheese
Pam Beer/Daffodil/Mayonnaise/Milk/Cheese
Penny Dandelion/Mayonnaise/Milk/Parsnip/
Pierre Beer/Daffodil/Dandelion/Eggs/Milk/Mayonnaise
Robin Peach/Beer/Blueberry/Milk/Honey/Mayonnaise/Cheese
Sam Cactus Fruit/Eggs/Honey/Cheese
Sandy Daffodil/All Fruit/All Vegetables
Sebastian Frozen Tear/Quartz/Parsnip
Shane Beer/Eggs/Mayonnaise/Blueberry/
Vincent Grapes/Ice Cream/Maple Syrup/Topaz
Willy Relatively Rare Fish(ie. Catfish,Sea cucumber, Sturgeon)/Beer/Mayonnaise/Honey/Cheese
Wizard Void/Solar Essences/Beer/Mayonnaise/Quartz/Cheese

A lot of the Villagers Love or Like Beer, and for 400G at the Stardrop Saloon, once you're in the later part of gameplay and you want to befriend multiple people at once, Beer is an easy way to go. Other options are recommended if still early in the game, such as Eggs/Mayonnaise, or Milk/Cheese, which you can get on a daily basis once you acquire the barn or coop.

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