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Rarecrows are unique, collectible versions of Scarecrows. There are eight different Rarecrows which can be collected throughout the game. Each Rarecrow is designated a number in its description.

Rarecrow # How to get
1 Purchase from the Stardew Valley Fair (Fall 16) for 800 tokens.
5 Stardew Valley Rarecrow
2 Spirit's Eve Festival (Fall 27) for 5,000g
Scarecrow Spirit Festival
3 Casino for 10,000 Qi coins
4 Traveling cart during Fall or Winter season
5 Flower Dance Festival (Spring 24) for 2,500g
Rarecrow 5
6 Dwarf for 2,500g
7 Donate 40 artifacts to the museum
Rarecrow 7
8 Donate 20 total items to the museum
Rarecrow 8

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