The Railroad is a location in Stardew Valley. Initially the Railroad is unavailable to explore until Summer 3, where an earthquake destroys a nearby rock formation, opening a path.

Occasionally a train will pass through, leaving behind various resources such as Coal and Clay. If you are outside, you will get a notification in the bottom right corner of the screen and a train whistle sound. You will only gather resources if you are there when the train comes.

If you stand in front of the train while it's coming towards you, you will suffer a small amount of damage and be knocked back. You will also suffer damage if you attempt to hit the train with a tool such as a sword or axe.

In addition to the train, there is also a spa which can be explored by the player.The spa regenerates energy, and this can be found in summertime episode of Living off the Land. Players can only go into the spa room for their gender.

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