The Preserves Jar produces jellies and pickles. The resulting products are no longer able to be eaten by the player, but can be shipped at a much higher price. Most Vegetables and Fruits can be preserved. The quality of the good you preserve does not have an influence. The preserve will be the same price and this price is always higher than the gold star (GoldStar) price of the produce.

The recipe to craft this item unlocks automatically at skill level 4 in farming.


Calculation: Template:ItemLink = Gold50g + ( Raw Material Sell Price x 2 )
Good Sell Price Worth
Raw Material
Sell Price
Raw Material
Ancient Fruit Jelly 1550Gold 800Gold 750Gold Ancient Fruit
Apple Jelly 250Gold 150Gold 100Gold Apple
Apricot Jelly 150Gold 100Gold 50Gold Apricot
Blackberry Jelly 90Gold 70Gold 20Gold Blackberry
Blueberry Jelly 210Gold 130Gold 80Gold Blueberry
Cactus Fruit Jelly 200Gold 125Gold 75Gold Cactus Fruit
Cherry Jelly 210Gold 130Gold 80Gold Cherry
Coconut Jelly 250Gold 150Gold 100Gold Coconut
Cranberries Jelly 310Gold 180Gold 130Gold Cranberries
Crystal Fruit Jelly 350Gold 200Gold 150Gold Crystal Fruit
Grape Jelly 210Gold 130Gold 80Gold Grape
Hot Pepper Jelly 130Gold 90Gold 40Gold Hot Pepper
Melon Jelly 550Gold 300Gold 250Gold Melon
Orange Jelly 250Gold 150Gold 100Gold Orange
Peach Jelly 330Gold 190Gold 140Gold Peach
Pomegranate Jelly 330Gold 190Gold 140Gold Pomegranate
Rhubarb Jelly 490Gold 270Gold 220Gold Rhubarb
Salmonberry Jelly 60Gold 55Gold 5Gold Salmonberry
Spice Berry Jelly 210Gold 130Gold 80Gold Spice Berry
Starfruit Jelly 1650Gold 850Gold 800Gold Starfruit
Strawberry Jelly 290Gold 170Gold 120Gold Strawberry


Calculation: Pickles= Gold50g + ( Raw Material Sell Price x 2 )
Good Sell Price Worth
Raw Material
Sell Price
Raw Material
Pickled Amaranth 350Gold 200Gold 150Gold Amaranth
Pickled Artichoke 370Gold 210Gold 160Gold Artichoke
Pickled Bok Choy 210Gold 130Gold 80Gold Bok Choy
Pickled Cauliflower 400Gold 225Gold 175Gold Cauliflower
Pickled Corn 150Gold 100Gold 50Gold Corn
Pickled Eggplant 170Gold 110Gold 60Gold Eggplant
Pickled Fiddlehead Fern 230Gold 140Gold 90Gold Fiddlehead Fern
Pickled Garlic 170Gold 110Gold 60Gold Garlic
Pickled Green Bean 130Gold 90Gold 40Gold Green Bean
Pickled Hops 100Gold 75Gold 25Gold Hops
Pickled Kale 270Gold 160Gold 110Gold Kale
Pickled Parsnip 120Gold 85Gold 35Gold Parsnip
Pickled Potato 210Gold 130Gold 80Gold Potato
Pickled Pumpkin 690Gold 370Gold 320Gold Pumpkin
Pickled Radish 230Gold 140Gold 90Gold Radish
Pickled Red Cabbage 570Gold 310Gold 260Gold Red Cabbage
Pickled Tomato 170Gold 110Gold 60Gold Tomato
Pickled Wheat 100Gold 75Gold 25Gold Wheat
Pickled Yam 370Gold 210Gold 160Gold Yam