Omni Geode is a mineral that can be found by Panning, in the Mines and Skull Cavern, and is also sold in Oasis on Wednesdays.

Possible Contents


Aerinite Aerinite Alamite Alamite Baryte Baryte Basalt Basalt Bixite Bixite Calcite Calcite Diamond Diamond Fairy Stone Fairy Stone Fire Opal Fire Opal Fire Quartz Fire Quartz Fluorapatite Fluorapatite Geminite Geminite Ghost Crystal Ghost Crystal Granite Granite Helvite Helvite Hematite Hematite Jagoite Jagoite Jasper Jasper Lemon Stone Lemon Stone Limestone Limestone Malachite small Malachite Marble Marble Nekoite small Nekoite Neptunite Neptunite Obsidian Obsidian Ocean Stone Ocean Stone Petrified Slime Petrified Slime Prismatic Shard Prismatic Shard Pyrite Pyrite Sandstone Sandstone Slate Slate Soapstone Soapstone Star Shards Star Shards Thunder Egg Thunder Egg


x20px Ancient Drum x20px Dwarvish Helm x20px Dwarf Gadget


Clay Clay Coal small Coal Copper Ore small Copper Ore Gold Ore small Gold Ore Iridium Ore small Iridium Ore Iron Ore small Iron Ore Stone small Stone

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