Monsters appear in the mines and most will attack the player on sight. They vary in intelligence from unintelligent, trying to attack the player through stones or other obstacles, to very intelligent, being smart enough to move around obstacles to get at the player. Monsters are either aggressive, actively trying to harm the player, or passive, only damaging the player if the play walks into them and not chasing the player.

Name Levels Drops Intelligence Health Type Behavior
Slimes Most Varies 1 Varies Aggressive Bounce towards player to attack
Wasps 1- Bug Meat 0 ~30 Passive Fly back and forth from obstacle to obstacle
Cave Insects *5- Bug Meat, Ancient Seed* 2 ~30 Aggressive Fly at player, move in somewhat circular fasion
Cave Larvae *5- Bug Meat 2 ~30 Aggressive Crawl towards player to attack and change to Insects when low on health
Duggies 10*-

Artifacts, Geode, and Small Bombs

3 40 Aggressive Will follow player in soft dirt patches and pop up from below to attack

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