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The Mines is a location in Stardew Valley. On the fifth day at the Farm, you receive a letter regarding the Joja Corporation who has been mining a rock that was blocking the way to the entrance. Upon entering, a scene will introduce Marlon who is standing at the ladder to the lower levels and gives you a broken sword. The player can find abundant resource of stone, ore, geodes and many more items. Crates and barrels that can be found and broken for more items as well. Ladders are essential to reach deeper into the mine. They show up when rocks are broken or a monster is killed. In some cases the level is infested/overrun so the only way to go further down is defeating all the monsters on that floor. In addition to transportation, the player can use the minecart once it is repaired to travel from the Community Center and an elevator that allow the player to lower into the mine at 5 floor intervals.

Inside the mines, the player can see an obstructed path to the cave where the Dwarf resides. To get in you must use a Steel Pickaxe or a combustible item. Meeting the Dwarf triggers him to talk in an unknown language and you must obtain all of the Dwarven Scrolls to decipher the language. Once you are able to understand him he will sell you rare items.

Exploring the Mines

The first few levels of the mine are full of rocks and usually, no monsters. To go deeper, you must find the ladder or craft a staircase with 99 Stone.

The ladder to the level below generates in one (or all) three ways: Randomly spawning around the level you are currently on, by breaking rocks that are in the level, or by defeating an enemy such as slimes or bats. Sometimes you will have more than one set of ladders present in a level.

Rarely, it seems, a ladder wont generate at all. It's unknown if this is a glitch or if this is just a case of hitting a dead end, though as previously mentioned, you can always craft your own way down with enough stone.

To exit the mine, you can return to the ladder you climbed down from the previous level on, or take the elevator if you are on an elevator level.

Levels (1-120)

Monsters Chest Item Ores Facts
1 - 10 Slimes (green),

Rock Crabs, Bugs (weak)

Leather Boots Copper
11 - 20 Slimes (green), Worms Steel Smallsword Copper At 20, there is a water spot where the player can fish.

Spiral level on 19

21 - 30 Slimes, Rockmen
31 - 40 Slimes, Rockmen Slingshot
41 - 50 Slimes, Larvae, Bugs Tundra Boots Iron At 46, there is a chance the floor is infested.
51 - 60 Slimes, Larvae, Bugs Crystal Dagger At 60, there is another fishing area.
61 - 70 Slimes, Skeleton Master Slingshot
71 - 80 Slimes, Skeleton Firewalker Boots
81 - 90 Slimes, Darklings Obsidian Sword Gold
91 - 100 Slimes, Darklings Stardrop At 100, a lava pool is present to fish in.
101 - 110 Slimes, Darklings Space Boots
111 - 120 Slimes, Darklings Skull Key This is the last level of the mine.


As the player finds themselves deeper in the mines, the enemies become increasingly difficult. At a certain point, you will have to buy or find better weapons at the Fighter's Guild or as you explore the levels. Weapons will appear randomly as you break crates, barrels, and treasure chests that are scattered throughout the mines.

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