Junimos after the final bundle has been received


Junimos saying farewell to the player


Junimos returning to the Spirit World

The Junimos are spirits that have taken residence in the old community center. The player meets them when they first visit the community center with Lewis. Lewis is unable to see them, but the player can. After the player visits the Wizard, they discover that the Junimos are responsible for the plaques found on the community center's floor. The player can donate items to the Junimos as "offerings," getting seeds, items, and other things in return. When approached, they run and disappear. Overall, very little else is known about Junimos.

Once offered a bundle, a Junimo will carry this bundle to the little leafy hut near the left corner of the main hall. Once the player finishes all the bundles in a certain room the Junimo in that room will take a star from the hut and place it on the mantle atop the fireplace. It will then follow the player around the community center at a slow pace. This ends when the player exits the center.

(Add Rewards by completing bundles)

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