The final tier of ore, used in various crafting recipes. Iridium ore can be found a number of ways:

  • Exploring the Skull Cave, with Iridium Ore veins becoming more common for every 10 levels you progress. It can also rarely be found by breaking normal rocks and as loot from purple Skull Cave Slimes.
  • Processing Magma Geode and Omni Geode.
  • Occasionally, a meteor will land on your farm overnight. The notification will say there was an explosion heard at night. This meteor can be mined with a Gold or Iridium Pickaxe, and yields 6 Iridium Ore, 2 Geode, and some Stone.
  • Iridium Ore can sometimes be found as loot from Fishing treasures.
  • The Statue of Perfection can be interacted with daily to receive several pieces of Iridium Ore.
  • Iridium Ore can also rarely be found in the Quarry.

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