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Welcome to Stardew Valley! This guide should help familiarize you with the game's mechanic and interface, and aid you as you adjust to life on the farm.

Character Creation

At the Character Creation screen you can choose your name, gender, the name of your farm, your preferred pet and your appearance. Later on, if you're unhappy with your basic appearance try giving gifts to the Wizard. He has a secret room below his tower that can transform you look for 500g.

  • There are 24 skin tones, 32 hair styles, 112 shirts and 20 accessories to choose from.
  • The sliders next to Eye Color, Hair Color and Pants Color represent hue, saturation and lightness.
  • The pet you choose here determines which pet you have on your farm.
  • The gender you choose does not affect which villagers you can marry.
  • Your Favorite Thing is sometimes referenced in-game. Example -

Using the word "Butts" can lead to funny conversations with townsfolk, but you might want something less comical like "Discovery" or "Pizza".


All hotkeys can be reassigned by opening the menu and choosing the Options tab.

Key Description
W, A, S, D W=up,A=left,S=down,and D=right
Left click, C Uses tool
Right click, X Check/Does action
Escape, E Opens Menu
F Opens Journal
M Opens Map
Left Shift Switches walk/run
*1-0,-,+ Inventory hotkeys

*You can also you the middle mouse button to scroll through the inventory hotkeys instead.

Watch some TV and Have Fun

When you wake up on the first day after the intro be sure to check your television to the left. It has useful information such as weather forecasts for current and next day, fortune telling, general game tips (random times), and free cooking recipes(random times).

Now, the first thing you should know. You can do whatever you want. You will be given a rating at the start of year 3, but do not take this as a deadline and it is not the end to the game. You're encouraged to be productive, but above all else, have fun in what you choose to do. This game doesn't have to be a farming sim if you find yourself not enjoying that after trying it. Sure, farming is rewarding in terms of income, but you can fish, forage, mine, fight monsters (in the mines), raise livestock, make artisan goods, give gifts to neighbors, explore, buy furniture for your house, and complete help wanted ads from the town bulletin board. Figure out what you like doing and do it.

Tilling the Soil

Mayor Lewis will have left a little house warming gift to help you get settled into your new life. You can find the gift inside your mailbox, which contains 15 pouches of parsnip seeds.

Tips and Tricks

Upgrading You Watering Can

The best times to upgrade your can is the day before rain is expected or when the last day of the season is upon you. Water your plants that day and turn it in for upgrade. Let the rain take care of the next day or don't care because of end of season. Pick it up the 3rd day and lose no watering time.

Use the Spa as much as possible

On the first day of summer, first year, the Spa opens up. Spending time in there will restore your energy which allows you to do twice as much that day.

Water your plants and delve in the mines

After you have watered your plants, jump into the spa for full energy and then go spelunking to get resources for future upgrades.

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