Fruits are a product you can grow for money or resources. There are different fruits that particular tree will bear in each season. Player can buy the tree saplings from Pierre's or use the farm cave to have bats collect the fruits instead of growing mushrooms after the major's visit.

In order to plant and grow trees, adjacent 8 tiles must be cleared. Trees will grow throughout any season. Hence fruit trees may be prepared before the season arrives in order to bear fruit right away.

List of Fruit

Picture Name Description Stats Obtain Sell Price
Ancient Fruit
Ancient Fruit It's been dormant for eons. Energy 0

Health 0

Many Gold750g
Apple A crisp fruit used for juice and cider. Energy 38

Health 15

Apple Tree Gold100g
Apricot A tender little fruit with a rock-hard pit. Energy 38

Health 15

Apricot Tree Gold50g
Blackberry An early-fall treat. Energy 25

Health 10

Foraging Gold20g
Blueberry A popular berry reported to have many health benefits. The blue skin has the highest nutrient concentration. Energy 25

Health 10

Farming Gold80g
Cactus Fruit
Cactus Fruit The sweet fruit of the prickly pear cactus. Energy 75

Health 30

Foraging Gold75g
Cherry It's popular, and ripens sooner than most other fruits. Energy 38

Health 15

Cherry Tree Gold80g
Coconut A seed of the coconut palm. It has many culinary uses. Energy 0

Health 0

Foraging Gold100g
Cranberry These tart red berries are a traditional winter food. Energy 38

Health 15

Farming Gold130g
Crystal Fruit
Crystal Fruit A delicate fruit that pops up from the snow. Energy 63

Health 25

Foraging Gold150g
Grapes A sweet cluster of fruit. Energy 38

Health 15

Farming Gold80g
Hot Pepper
Hot Pepper Fiery hot with a hint of sweetness. Energy 13

Health 5

Farming Gold40g
Melon A cool, sweet summer treat. Energy 113

Health 45

Farming Gold250g
Orange Juicy, tangy, and bursting with sweet summer aroma. Energy 38

Health 15

Orange Tree Gold110g
Peach It's almost fuzzy to the touch. Energy 38

Health 15

Peach Tree Gold154g
Pomegranate Within the fruit are clusters of juicy seeds. Energy 38

Health 15

Pomegranate Tree Gold140g
Rhubarb Within the fruit are cluster of juicy seeds. Energy 0

Health 0

The Oasis Gold220g
Salmonberry A spring-time berry with the flavor of the forest. Energy 25

Health 10

Foraging Gold5g
Spice Berry
Spice Berry It fills the air with a pungent aroma. Energy 25

Health 10

Foraging Gold80g
Starfruit An extremely juicy fruit that grows in hot, humid weather. Slightly sweet with a sour understone. Energy 125

Health 50

The Oasis Gold800g
Strawberry A sweet, juicy favorite with an appealing red color. Energy 50

Health 20

Farming Gold120g

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