These can be bought from and demolished by Robin the carpenter.


Allows you to store harvested wild grass as hay. Building footprint: 3x3

Cost/Material Gold Gold (100 G)Stone small Stone (100)Clay Clay (10)Copper Bar small Copper Bar (5)


An alternative water source that can be placed anywhere on your farm. Building footprint: 3x3

Cost/Material Gold Gold (1000 G)Stone small Stone (75)


Houses 4 barn animals and unlock Cows. Building footprint: 4x7

Cost/Material Gold Gold (6000 G)Wood small Wood (350)Stone small Stone (150)

Big Barn

An upgrade to the Barn, houses 8 barn animals and unlocks Goats.

Cost/Material Gold Gold (12000 G)Wood small Wood (450)Stone small Stone (200)

Deluxe Barn

An upgrade to the Big Barn, houses 12 barn animals and unlocks Sheep and Pigs.

Cost/Material Gold Gold (25000 G)Wood small Wood (550)Stone small Stone (300)


Houses 4 coop animals and unlocks Chickens. Building footprint: 3x6

Cost/Material Gold Gold (4000 G)Wood small Wood (300)Stone small Stone (100)

Big Coop

An upgrade to the Coop, houses 8 coop animals and unlocks Ducks. Also comes with an incubator to hatch eggs.

Cost/Material Gold Gold (10000 G)Wood small Wood (400)Stone small Stone (150)

Deluxe Coop

An upgrade to the Big Coop, houses 12 coop animals and unlocks Rabbits. Also comes with an auto-feed system.

Cost/Material Gold Gold (20000 G)Wood small Wood (500)Stone small Stone (200)


Houses and unlocks the Horse.

Cost/Material Gold Gold (10000 G)Hardwood small Hardwood (100)Iron Bar small Iron Bar (5)

Slime Hutch

Raises 20 Slimes. Building footprint: 6x11

Cost/Material Gold Gold (10000 G)Stone small Stone (500)Refined Quartz Refined Quartz (10)Iridium Bar small Iridium Bar (1)

Farm House 1st Expansion

Adds a kitchen and separates your bed into its own bedroom. Also unlocks Cooking.

Cost/Material Gold Gold (10000 G)Wood small Wood (450)

Farm House 2nd Expansion

(Requires Farm House 1st Expansion) Gives you a (human) Nursery.

Cost/Material Gold Gold (50000 G)Hardwood small Hardwood (150)

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