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The Farm is a location that is the main feature of Stardew Valley. The player is able to grow crops, raise animals, craft, and decorate the farm to their choosing.

There is a cabin on the farm for which you can purchase two upgrades. With the first upgrade the outside of the house becomes painted and the inside becomes much larger, including a kitchen and bedroom even though the foot print of the house is the same as that of the cabin. The fireplace moves into the bedroom. The second upgrade moves the fireplace into the kitchen and adds a hallway back to two more rooms. No windows are added but you can purchase more from Robin and you can move those you have around.

There is a cave on the farm which can be upgraded by a villager to house fruit bats or to grow mushrooms, your choice. The size of the cave does not change.

There is a broken greenhouse on the farm which will become repaired once you have completed the proper quest from the community center. When fixed the inside of the greenhouse has a large dirt field you can plant, you must provide water to grow plants inside.

Buildings: clear the spot for your building so there are no trees, rocks, logs, stumps, weeds or grass, before you go to Robin to buy the building. Farm animals that stand in the area where you wish to build will prevent you from placing the building. Robin will take three days to build, she does not take orders on Tuesday.

You are able to purchase two farm buildings which can upgrade, coop and barn. You can place chests and machines like the mayo maker or loom inside the buildings if you like. There is a hay dispenser at the left on the back wall, click on it to receive hay to manually place in the empty spots on the food bench. When you buy animals you will be asked to click on the building where they will be delivered. If you do not have a suitable building you can not buy the animal.

Demolishing a building: Take the animals out, go to Robin and bring up the type of building, use the demolish icon instead of the build icon. The game will ask you to target the building to demolish. Demolishing is instantaneous. In the case of the stable, you can then ask for a new stable to be built. Having a stable in the process of being built allows you to keep your horse.


Cost: 100g, 100 Stone, 10 Clay. 5 Copper Bar 

a two by two building which stores hay. When you have a silo cutting grass makes a hay icon form over your head and a piece of hay automatically goes into your silo, no mater where on the farm it is located. When your silo is full any additional grass cut is lost. You must have a silo to make hay to feed your animals on days it rains or snows. Clicking at the bottom of a silo shows the total number of pieces of hay inside all your silos. Hay is taken out of the silo only through the hay dispensers inside the coop and barn or automatically in the DeLux barn and coop. Best to build this before winter so you can fill it. Each animal living in coop or barn expects one hay or fresh grass per day or they will not be happy with you, but they do not die. No upgrade but you can build more. The silo does not need to be near your other buildings.


Cost: 4000g, 300 Wood, 100 Stone

is four wide by two deep and can not be turned when placing it, once placed it can not be moved but can be demolished or upgraded. Hay must be placed by hand onto the feeding bench. Houses up to 4 chickens.

1st Upgrade: Cost: 10,000g, 400 Wood, 150 Stone

The first upgrade is called a "Big Coop" and allows you to incubate eggs to make new chicks or ducklings. Enlarges the inside space and lets you house up to 8 birds. Hay must still be placed by hand.

2nd Upgrade: Cost: 20,000g, 500 Wood, 200 Stone

Sold as a " DeLux Coop" the second upgrade automatically places hay from your silo on the food bench to feed the animals when they are not able to browse outside. It also lets you own rabbits which give wool and occasionally a rabbit's foot. Houses up to 12 creatures.


Cost: 6000g, 350 Wood, 150 Stone

is four wide by three deep and can not be turned when placing it, once placed it can not be moved but can be demolished or upgraded.

1st Upgrade: Cost: 12,000g, 450 Wood, 200 Stone.

The first upgrade enlarges the inside, allows for birth and lets you buy goats. It is sold as "Big Barn". Hay must still be placed by hand.

2nd Upgrade: Cost: 25,000g, 550 Wood, 300 Stone.

The second upgrade automatically places hay from your silo on the food bench and allows you to buy sheep, each upgrade adds more space and allows more animals to be housed. It is sold as "DeLux Barn".


Cost: 10,000g, 100 Hardwood, 5 Iron Bar

Is four wide and two deep and comes with the horse. No upgrade.


Cost: 1000g, 75 Stone

A two by two structure that lets you refill your watering can. No upgrade.

Slime Hutch

Cost: 10,000g, 500 Stone, 10 Refined Quartz, 1 Iridium Bar