Eggs are used to produce various Meals and can also be whipped into Mayonnaise using a Mayonnaise Machine.

There are four variants of eggs: White, Brown, Duck, and Void, each able to produce their corresponding animal when hatched through the incubator, which is found in Big and Deluxe coops.

White Eggs and Brown Eggs can also come in a large variant, which when put through the Mayonnaise Machine produces Gold star Mayonnaise.

Void eggs can be laid by void chickens, but they can also be gained in a random event in which a witch visits your coop at night, making one appear. They can be turned into Void Mayonnaise using a Mayonnaise Machine.

In the case of Duck Eggs and Void Eggs, quality of the egg (e.i. Star Level) does not affect the quality of the Mayonnaise. Large Eggs produce Mayonnaise worth 285g as opposed to the regular 190g.

Sell prices

  • White: Regular: 25g, Regular Silver Star: ?, Regular Gold Star: 75g, Regular Iridium Star: 100g, Large: 95g, Large Silver Star: ?, Large Gold Star: 170g, Large Iridium Star:  190g 
  • Brown: Regular: 25g, Regular Silver Star: 62g, Regular Gold Star: 75g, Regular Iridium Star: ?, Large: 95g, Large Silver Star: 118g, Large Gold Star: 142g, Large Iridium Star:  190g
  • Duck: No Star: 50g, Silver Star: 118g, Gold Star: ?, Iridium Star: 190g
  • Void: No Star: 50g, Silver Star: 81g, Gold Star: ?, Iridium Star: 130g

Chicken/Duck Egg Gift Ratings:

Loved By:

No one (how sad)

Liked By:

Alex, Demetrius, Jodi, Kent, Leah, Linus, Pierre, Sam, Shane


Caroline, Clint, Elliott, Emily, Evelyn, George, Gus, Harvey, Krobus, Lewis, Marnie, Maru, Penny, Robin, Sandy, Willy

Disliked By:

Dwarf, Haley, Jas, Pam, Vincent

Hated By:

Abigail, Sebastian, Wizard

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