The Crafts Room is located in the southwest corner of the Community Center building just north of Pelican Town. It is the first room in which the player will find a certificate with strange writing on the floor after the Mayor gives the player access to the building. Continuing the quest will result in the player gaining the ability to read the language from the Wizard.

The certificate is an offer from forest spirits called Junimos. The deal they offer is this: if the player collects and delivers various sets of items, called bundles, the Junimos will reward them and will even help them by fixing up the Community Center and various other sites around the map.

The Crafts Room is where the player is presented with their first six bundles to complete:

  • Spring Foraging Bundle
  • Summer Foraging Bundle
  • Fall Foraging Bundle
  • Winter Foraging Bundle
  • Exotic Foraging Bundle
  • Construction Bundle

Each completed bundle will yield an individual reward for the player, unlocking other certificates around the Community Center along the way. When the player completes all six bundles in the Crafts Room, the Junimos will repair the bridge to the Mountain Quarry in the northwest corner of the map.

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