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How to get this item?

Product Costs Steps Learned from Profit

1x Copper OreCopper Ore

  1. Buy it from Clint.

1, 2 or 3x Copper OreCopper Ore

  1. Hit the rock a few times with the Pickaxe.

How to consume this item?

Product Costs Steps Learned from Profit

1x CoalCoal

5x Copper OreCopper Ore

  1. Have the coal in the inventory and put the ore in a Furnace.
  2. Wait 30 in-game minutes.

Additional information

Copper Ore can be obtained from mine using a pickaxe, or less commonly on the farm from rocks.

  • Used in crafting the Furnace (20 Copper Ore and 25 Stone).
  • Used in crafting the Cherry Bomb (4 Copper Ore and 1 Coal).

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