Community Center

General Information

Community Center
Inhabitants ‫​ The Junimos
Description ‫​ A place where you can deposit items in bundles to unlock things and obtain items.

The Community Center is a location in Pelican Town in Stardew Valley. It is locked for the first couple of days, but is unlocked by the mayor within the first 19 days of your first year. The wizard will call you by letter. And after a quest you can trade several goods for bundles, receiving a prize. Those bundles are divided to rooms, and completing a room grants a bigger reward.

The Community Center will unlock on the first sunny day at or after Spring, Day 4. The time should be between 8:00 and 13:00, and the player should be at coordinates (0, 54).

Crafts Room

Reward: Bridge repair (access to the Quarry, get easier ores)

Bundles to complete
Spring Foraging Summer Foraging Fall Foraging
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Winter Foraging Exotic Foraging
(any 5 of)
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Cutscene video:


Reward: Greenhouse (grow crops all year round)

Bundles to complete
Spring Crops Summer Crops Fall Crops
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Quality Crops
(golden star )
Animal Bundle
(any 5 of)
Artisan Bundle
(any 6 of)
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Cutscene video:

Fish Tank

Reward: Glittering boulder removed (water flowing easily, unlocks panning for ore)

Bundles to complete
River Fish Lake Fish Ocean Fish
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Crab Pot
(any 5 of)
Night Fishing Specialty Fish


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Cutscene video:<

Bulletin Board

Reward: Friendship <3 (increases affection towards player from all NPC's excluding bachelors and bacholorettes)

Bundles to complete:

Chef's Bundle - Maple Syrup, Fiddlehead Fern,Truffle, Poppy, Maki Roll, Fried Egg.

Dye Bundle - Red Mushroom, Sea Urchin, Sunflower, Duck Feather, Aquamarine, Red Cabbage.

Fodder Bundle - Wheat(x10), Hay(x10), Apple(x3).

Field Research Bundle - Purple Mushroom, Nautilus Shell, Chub, Frozen Geode.

Enchanter's Bundle - Oak Resin, Wine, Rabbit's Foot, Pomegranate.

Cutscene video:

Boiler Room

Reward: Minecarts repaired (enables fast travel to the bus station, mines, blacksmith, and quarry. Quarry unlocked by bridge repair bundles in the crafts room.)

Bundles to complete:

Blacksmith's Bundle - Copper Bar, Iron Bar, Gold Bar.

Geologists's Bundle - Quartz, Earth Crystal, Frozen Tear, Fire Quartz.

Adventurer's Bundle (any 2 of) - Slime(x99), Bat Wing(x10), Solar Essence, Void Essence.

Cutscene video:


Reward: Bus repair (unlocks Calico desert)

Bundles to complete:

2,500g Bundle - purchase bundle for 2,500g.

5,000g Bundle - purchase bundle for 5,000g.s

10,000 Bundle - purchase bundle for 10,000g.

25,000 Bundle - purchase bundle for 25,000g.

Cutscene Video:


Once the Community Center has been fixed, all bundles done, the Junimos will return to the Spirit World and the Community Center has been returned to its former glory. Upon arrival to Pelican Town tomorrow, a cut scene will occur.

Community Center 1

After reminiscing about the old times, and how important it is to be a community, Morris barges in. In the end you are given a choice; do it the old fashioned way or be reasonable.


Either way, Morris and his Joja cronies were never seen again.


  1. During the Spirit's Eve Festival, on the right-most side of the maze you can see the run-down Community Center, even if you've already repaired it.


  1. Dev Update #20[1]