Combat is the ability to fight monsters in Stardew Valley. The players' ability to fight will be measured as a skill.

Combat skill is increased by fighting monsters. Each level adds +5 health points

Level Crafting Recipes Choose a profession Note
1 Sturdy Ring -
2 Life Elixir -
3 Roots Platter -
4 Warrior Ring -
  • Fighter: All attacks deal 10% more damage. +15 HP.
  • Scout: Critical strike chance increased by 50%.
6 Slime Egg-Press

Oil of Garlic

7 Ring of Yoba -
8 Slime Incubator

Explosive Ammo

9 Iridium Band -
10 Fighter:

  • Brute: Damage is increased by 15%.
  • Defender: HP is increased by 25.


  • Acrobat: Cooldown on special moves is cut in half.
  • Desperado: Critical hits are deadly.

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