The Calico Desert is an alternate location in Stardew Valley. It contains an Oasis shop that sells Rhubarb Seeds, Starfruit Seeds, and a random item. The Coconut and Cactus Fruit are both found here. There is also a mine that is unlocked via the Skull Key. The Sandfish may be caught in the pond here.


Calico Desert is initially locked at the start of a new save, and you must do a few things to unlock it.

  • Unlock the Community Center. This happens within the first week of Spring of the First Year automatically.
  • Unlock the Vault Room, this usually requires completing four bundles within the first two rooms.
  • Complete the Vault Room Bundle. This involves donating four times for 2,500g, 5,000g, 10,000g, and 25,000g.

Once this is done, during the night the bus at the Bus Stop by your farm will be fixed. Pam will act as a bus driver, and you may buy a ticket for 500g to go to Calico Desert.


Pam may only do it.

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