Bundles are a series of items that must be collected and deposited in the Community Center. When a bundle is completed, the Player receives a small reward. When a bundle collection is completed, the Junimos repair the room. After the Player goes to sleep for the day, the Junimos complete the overall room reward.

Bundles can be completed by depositing the items in any order. However, the only room initially open to the Player is the Crafts Room. Once an initial bundle is completed in this room, the bundles in the Pantry and Vault open. Subsequently, when more bundles are completed, more bundle collections will become available.


Collections are listed alphabetically, and bundles are listed counter-clockwise.

Some Bundles can be completed with a select number of items; the items listed are not necessarily all needed to complete a bundle.

Boiler Room

Bundle Items Items Needed Reward
Adventurer's 99x Slime, 10x Batwing, Solar Essence, Void Essence Two Small Magnet Ring
Blacksmith's Copper Bar, Iron Bar, Gold Bar All Furnace
Geologist's Quartz, Earth Crystal, Frozen Tear, Fire Quartz All Omni Geode x5

Room reward: Minecart repair

Bulletin Board

Bundle Items Items Needed Reward
Chef's Maple Syrup, Fiddlehead Fern, Truffle, Poppy, Maki Roll, Fried Egg All 3x Pink Cake
Dye Red Mushroom, Sea Urchin, Sunflower, Duck Feather, Aquamarine, Red Cabbage All
Field Research Purple Mushroom, Nautilus Shell, Chub, Frozen Geode All Recycling Machine
Enchanter's Oak Resin, Wine, Rabbit's Foot, Pomegranate All 5x Gold Bar
Fodder 10x Hay, 10x Wheat, 3x Apple All Heater

Collection reward: Friendship

Crafts Room

Bundle Items Items Needed Reward
Spring Foraging Wild Horseradish, Daffodil, Leek, Dandelion All Spring Mixed Seeds x30
Summer Foraging Sweet Pea, Grapes, Spice Berry All Summer Mixed Seeds x30
Fall Foraging Common Mushroom, Wild Plum, Hazelnut, Blackberry All Fall Mixed Seeds x30
Winter Foraging Winter Root, Crystal Fruit, Snow Yam, Crocus All Winter Mixed Seeds x30
Exotic Foraging Coconut, Cactus Fruit, Cave Carrot, Red Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Maple Syrup, Oak Resin, Pine Tar, Morel Five Autumn's Bounty x5
Construction x99 Wood, x99 Wood, x99 Stone, x10 Hardwood All Charcoal Kiln

Room reward: Bridge repair

Fish Tank

Bundle Items Items Needed Reward
River Fish Sunfish, Catfish, Shad, Tiger Trout All 30x Bait
Night Fish Walleye, Bream, Eel All
Lake Fish Largemouth Bass, Carp, Bullhead, Sturgeon All Lure
Ocean Fish Sardine, Tuna, Red Snapper, Tilapia All 5x Beach Totem
Specialty Fish Pufferfish, Ghostfish, Sandfish, Woodskip All
Crab Pot Lobster, Crayfish, Crab, Cockle, Mussel, Shrimp, Snail, Periwinkle, Oyster, Clam Five 3x Crab Pot

Collection reward: Glittering boulder removed


Bundle Items Items Needed Reward
Spring Crops Parsnip, Green Bean, Cauliflower, Potato All 20 Speed-Gro
Summer Crops Tomato, Hot Pepper, Blueberry, Melon All
Fall Crops Corn, Eggplant, Pumpkin, Yam All 1 Bee House
Quality Crops 5x Parsnip, 5x Melon, 5x Pumpkin, 5x Corn

Gold quality

Animal Large Milk, Large Egg (Brown), Large Egg (White), Large Goat Milk, Wool, Duck Egg All
Artisan Goods Truffle Oil, Cloth, Goat Cheese, Cheese, Honey, Jelly, Apple, Apricot, Orange, Peach, Pomegranate, Cherry Six

Room reward: Greenhouse repair


Bundle Items Reward
2,500 Gold Gold 3x Chocolate Cake
5,000 Gold Gold 30x Quality Fertilizer
10,000 Gold Gold Lightning Rod
25,000 Gold Gold Crystalarium

Room reward: Bus repair