This is a list of common bugs you can find in Stardew Valley.

Stair Bug:

  • Summary of issue: Player becomes stuck after killing enemy that generates ladder to next floor of mine.
  • Expected Behavior: Ladder should appear next to player.
  • Actual Behavior: Ladder sometimes appears just slightly under where player is standing, preventing movement away.
  • Steps for Reproduction: Kill a monster very close to you

Art Show Bug:

If Leah invites you to the art show the same day an event in the town is happening, you won't be able to go to the show.

Fishing Bug:

Right after the distance meter is released but before the bobber hits the water, clicking on the journal icon will pause time in game but still allows for fishing.

During the Fishing Minigame on the Stardew Valley Fair, if the player successfully press the button at fish bite at the same time the timer ends, the "reeling" sound effect will continuously play after the fishing game ends. Going fishing both during the fair and after the fair will result in the "reeling" sound effect to simultaneously play at the same. Currently there is no known way to fix this, except to quit and reload the game.

Calico Desert Bus Bug:

If the player buys a ticket while the horse is in the way of the machine, the player will try to ride the horse and also run to the bus, resulting in the player being stuck in an inescapable loop.

Dagger Bug:

If the player buys a dagger, holding down the 'C' button on their keyboard will result in very rapid attacks, as well as slightly moving forward, using this, the player can clip through loading zones in houses by sliding through the door, allowing them to clip out of bounds, to fix this, simply walk into where the loading zone should be, this does not work outside, you can also clip through townsfolk, and your pet.

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