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Artisan Goods are produced by Farm Tools, which are stationary buildings assembled by the player. Most Artisan Goods don't seem to have a quality (except for cheese and mayonnaise as using large milks or eggs give it a gold star quality) and the quality of the raw material does seem to matter to the selling price. Artisan Goods can be used in crafting recipes (mostly cooking).

Farm Tools

Farm Tool Picture Material Description
Preserves Jar
Preserves Jar

50 Wood

40 Stone

8 Coal

Produces Jellies from fruit and Pickles from vegetables.
Mayonnaise Machine
Mayonnaise Machine
15 Wood

15 Stone

1 Earth Crystal

1 Copper Bar

Makes Mayonnaise from Eggs.
Bee House
Bee House
40 Wood

8 Coal

1 Iron Bar

1 Maple Syrup

Produces randomly Wild Honey from Spring to Autumn, will produce flavored honey if Flowers are growing nearby.
Cheese Press
Cheese Press
45 Wood

45 Stone

10 Hardwood

1 Copper Bar

Turns Milk into Cheese.
40 Wood

2 Copper Bar

Produces liquids from trees.

Maple -> Maple Syrup

Pine -> Pine Tar

Oak -> Oak Resin

60 Wood

30 Fiber

1 Pine Tar

Turns raw Wool into fine Cloth.
30 Wood

1 Clay

1 Iron bar

1 Copper Bar

1 Oak resin

Produces BeerPale Ale, Juice and Wine.


For Jellies and Pickles please consult the Preserves Jar page

Product Sell price
Cloth 375
Maple Syrup 200
Mayonnaise 100
Duck Mayonnaise 200
Pine Tar 100
Oak Resin 150
Wild Honey 200

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