Adventure Guild

The Adventurer's Guild is located next to the mines.

In the Guild you can find Gil sitting in a rocking chair at the fireplace and Marlon standing behind the counter. They both live in the backroom of the cabin.

The Guild is open from 2:00PM till 10:00PM.

In the guild you can claim rewards for killing monsters. Upon reaching the goal of a 'quest' you will get a popup informing you that there is a reward available in the guild. You can check your progress by interacting with a poster next to Marlon.

It also has a shop where you can buy equipment.

Shop Items

Item Price Sell Time
Iron Dirk 500g 100g After Level 15 at the Mine.
Item Price Sell When Damage Defense Speed Weight
Wooden Blade 250g 100g Beginning 3-7
Silver Saber 750g 150g After Level 20 at the Mine. 8-15       1
Cutlass 1500g 200g After Level 25 at the Mine. 9-17     2
Pirate's Sword 850g 200g After Level 30 at the Mine. 8-14     2 
Claymore 2000g 300g After Level 45 at the Mine. 20-32       2    - 4      3
Templar's Blade 4000g 300g After Level 55 at the Mine. 22-29       1
Obsidian Edge 900g 30-45
Bone Sword 6000g 500g After Level 70 at the Mine.
Steel Falchion 9000g 700g After Level 90 at the Mine.
Lava Katana 25000g 750g After enter Level 120 at the Mine. 55-64
Item Price Sell When Damage Speed Weight
Lead Rod 300g 18-27
Wood Mallet 2000g 100g After Level 40 at the Mine. 15-24     2      3

Item Price Sell When Defence Immunity
Sneakers 500g 50g After the quest "Initiation"
Combat Boots 1250g 150g
Firewalker Boots 600g +3 +3
Dark Boots 2500g 600g After Level 80 at the Mine. +4 +2
Space Boots 800g +4 +4
Item Price Sell When
Amethyst Ring 1000g 100g After the quest "Initiation"
Topaz Ring 1000g 100g After the quest "Initation"
Aquamarine Ring 2500g 200g
Jade Ring 2500g 200g After the quest "Deeper in the Mine"
Emerald Ring 5000g 300g After enter Level 120 at the Mine.
Ruby Ring 5000g 300g After enter Level 120 at the Mine.
Monster Eradication Goals:
Monster Amount Killed Reward Spawn Floors
Slimes 1,000 Slime Charmer Ring Any/world
Void Spirits 150 Savage Ring
Bats 200 Vampire Ring
Skeletons 50 Skeleton Mask
Cave Insects 125 Insect Head ( Lv.6 Sword)
Duggies 30 Hard Hat
Dust Sprites 500 Burglar's Ring

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